Tao and Weather improving 

Tao and Weather improving

Have had nice day relaxing in the sun now that the weather as sorted itself out (for how long though?) and read a few Chapters of Mosquito Coast by Paul Theroux. Got a boat ticket for KPG tomorrow, so going to chill tonight and watch a movie at one of the many beachbars that show all the pirate DVDs that are available here. Master and Commander is on at 7pm.

Got my feet done today. Like the last time I had this done in Thailand my feet seem to be a source of ashtonishment and humour among Thai women. About four or five of them hundled round all looking in disbelief at my plates before calling the boss-lady who put on her glasses in a this-is-going-to-be-a-tough-job kind of manner. Reguraly during the Pete's Feet Rectification Process (time 1.5 hours) her handywork was studious discussed with her team and then the usual spontaneous laughter broke out. For 200 baht (about 3.50) I now have feet smoother than a baby's arse.

Been reading up on overlanding through Malaysia after buying a book today and found a good website about global rail travel (www.seat61.com) which I will use.

Internet shops are a pretty hit and miss afair but this one is quite good. Sony flatscreen monitor, quick connection and a front-access USB port. Some Israeli's are busily uploading pictures next to me - might come back later and do likewise.

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