Moving On Early... 

Moving On Early...

Putting Kao Tao down as experiencing and shipping out to KPG as soon as ther weather is OK enough for us to get a boat. There have been too many -'s and few +'s here. We had one nce exprience at a Spa which was nice getting pampered by Thai girls but we had to walk home afterwards in pouring rain on roads(!?!) that we just boulder stewn mud and gravel tracks, not nice in the pitch dark and a tropical storm. We eventually were able to beg for a torch and made it back after a lot of luck and nearly an hour desperate searching in the rain (a walk that probably would have taken 15 mins in the daylight) - not nice and all due to the fact that the place we chose to stay was in the arse end of the island that taxi drivers wouldn't go to.
Anyway, we've moved on noew to someone nearer the port waiting for the sea to be calm enough for us tyo go to Koh Phangan. One lives and one learns...

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