In Koh Tao today, got a kick-ass speedboat over first thing this morning - getting into backpacker territory now, western amenities are sparse and there are a few people walking around who look like they've been here a bit too long if you know what i mean...
Scuba is going to get postponed as visibility is shite so going to cut short this visit and come back in the New Year (to Koh Tao). Can take a day-trip to an island owned by Burma to get a new visa in the new year (have until Jan 13th).
Might stay a day or two then go to KPG early and be there for christmas.
Early night tonight as Mel and I went and had some excellent seafood last night (cheap as chips! ten quid for two of us inc beers) then went to a bar and got chatting and drunk with some French people who owned the bar. I kicked some serious butt on the pool table (Thais are hopeless, bless them!) although it did have a mind of its own and the balls would seemingly go in random directions occasionally.

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