Koh Samouzing... 

Koh Samouzing...

Been chilling for a few days on Koh Samui and taking lots of excursions on a moped to see different bits and pieces. Drank some Thai Whiskey with some Thai people on a waterfall today. We went climbing up the waterfall itself which I thought was great fun (especially when you have long legs) but I'm not sure if Mel would agree on that one. I think the Thais must have thought we were mad trying to climb up it especially (as we later found) the was a perfectly good footpath only a few feet away! They seemed very amused and interested in us but were quite friendly and hospitable. Got some good shots of Mel in the waterfall with the new SLR.

Off in search of some fresh seafood tonight, it is still quite a quiet part of season so not all the restaurants are yet geared to having fresh fish available each evening. We go in hope...

Speedboat to Koh Tao tomorrow, early start (depart 8:30), next Blog from once I start my PADI course...

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