Tulum & Playa Del Carmen 

Tulum & Playa Del Carmen

What a contrast these two are!?

Spent 4 very relaxing days in Tulum over the weekend. Its very unspolit and quiet with miles and miles of deserted beaches and a small town a few miles away. Stayed in beach side cabanas (huts) which were lovely except for all the mozzies. Playa Del Carmen on the otherhand has turned into Cancun mark2, full of obnoxious yanks, families with screaming brats, hawkers, touts, McDonalds, a packed dirty beach, yuk!!!!!!!!! Suffice to say, we are leaving tomorrow and taking the ferry to Cozumel and plan on chilling there for some time and doing loads of diving.

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 2:58 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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