Have been in Mexico City for the last 4 days since flying out of Miami. Went to Teotihuacan on Wednesday which is better known as the Aztec Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon - very impressive, nice weather, tons of photos. In Mexico City, once you scrape through the smog, traffic and pollution its actually quite a grand place with lots of ancient architecture (more empressive than London!) and large plazas. The art galleries and museums here are first class - went to the Anthropological Museum yesterday which is huge (and probably the best museum I have ever been to, very impressive indeed). Also, It hasnt felt like the dodgiest place on our journey (which I though it might be) at all - The people are a lot more friendlier than a lot of other places in Latin America.
We fly to Merida on Air Mexicana this afternoon. Merida is on the West side of the Yucatan pennisula (which is the bit of Mexico that sticks out into the Caribbean sea), and intend to take the bus to a few places on our way to Playa Del Carmen (the thinking mans Cancun) and Cozumel (the Mexican Caribbean island). More diving is planned as Cozumel is rated as the best in Central America.

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