Florida and DisneyWhirled 

Florida and DisneyWhirled

Have just got back from 4 very untraveller-like days up at DisneyWorld near Orlando and fair play it was very very impressive and enjoyable. Every detail has been thought of and everything is super clean, efficient and user-friendly (all the staff must receive free Prozac or something!).
Also went to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral which wasnt quite as fun and hampered by appalling weather.
Still have use of a hire car (a bright red Pontiac that looks very cheesy and American!) until Thursday/Friday so will drive down to Key West today via Miami. Back to Fort Lauderdale after that to stay again with Rotem and Linda Grosman who have been our gracious hosts for a few nights. Plan to hit the town with them at the weekend before rescheduling our flight to Mexico on Monday (19th).

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