Farewell Buenos Aires 

Farewell Buenos Aires

After 2 very cool weeks we finally flew to Iguacu Falls on Thursday last week. Finally being the operative word as Aerolineas Argentineas are the most disorganised excuse for an airline I have ever flown with!!! Anyway ranting aside, Buenos Aires was superb and more so with the company of Matt and Kate from London. After recovering from the Massive hangover Attack we did a very cool Sunday market stroll around La Boca and San Telmo - these colourful and vibrant districts put London markets to shame, big time!
We also managed to squeeze in some shopping in Palermo, the Latin American art museum, a city tour, a Tango show and loads more top food before we left. Definitely a highlight of South America despite the fact it is nearly winter. Some warmer weather is now needed.

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Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:20 am MST by casino choice

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