Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires

Been in BA since Sunday afternoon, and just about starting to get to grips with this large cosmopolitan city. There is a lot here on offer (Latin Americas best or biggest everything alledgely) and it takes a while to get one bearings in any new city, but the disorientation here is compounded by the language barrier. However, once it stopped raining with have seen some very nice parts of town in the centre and have looked around, shopped, eaten, shopped again, eaten again and again, and been out clubbing. Recoleta is a particularly nice part of town, and we have yet again been stuffing ourselves silly in that areas best restaurants (and ending up with a bill that would just about cover one starter in London).
Have been doing a bit of running around during the day sorting out plane tickets to go to Iguacu Falls next week, and have saved some of the other funky areas Palaermo and La Boca for when our friends Kate and Matt arrive from London on Sunday. We have managed to go to the Fine Art Museum and the cemetary where Eva Peron is buried which were quite interesting.
This weekend has an exciting edge as we are off to a music festival on Saturday night then once we have slept off our hangovers will meet up with our friends from London and then in the afternoon its off to watch Boca Juniors v Arsenal (I am already the prod owner of a Boca top - bring it on!!!!!).
Will move onto Iguacu on the 3rd (next Thursday) and stay there for a couple of days before crossing the border into Brazil and flying to Salvador hopefully for some better weather.

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Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:20 am MST by casino advice

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