Mendoza and the all-you-can-eat-bbq 

Mendoza and the all-you-can-eat-bbq

Have been in Argentina since Tuesday and all is good, save for the weather. The coach took 7 hours driving through the Andes and an hour faffing about at the border before we arrived in the heart of Malbec wine country. Proceeded straight to the nearest restaurant for a huge steak (16oz for about 2 quid!!!) and a nice bottle of red (about five quid for the most expensive one on the list), and have been gorging myself like a rapant carnivore ever since.

After doing a wine tour yesterday and buying a few bottles and drinking even more, we went to an Argentinian all-you-can eat bbq buffet. For 14 pesos, thats less than 3 quid, you can have all the freshly barbecued beef, chicken, lamb, pork and sausages you can eat, then pile-on the salads, pasta, calamari squids and rice, before finishing off with a giant pancake with caramel and a mountain of ice cream. I woke up this morning with a stomach like Buddha.

It hasnt all been gluttony though, there has been the lie-ins, shopping and cinema also. After trekking in the mountains for 4 days I am more than making up for it, back in civilisation. Bought an Argentinain club polo shirt and a Boca Juniors football top (for the match next Sunday). We have also got tickets for the music festival next Saturday so all 4 points from below should be satisfied.

Got my haircut today for 2 pounds, well overdue. I was starting to look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

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Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:20 am MST by casinos choice

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