Inca Trail 

Inca Trail

Absolutely knackered after an amazing four days in the Inca highlands en route to Macchu Picchu. Had great weather and a great group of fellow hikers. We were aided by an amazing group of super-human porters who were co-ordinated by a chef who could work culinary miracles over 3km up a mountain - did not go hungry at all, the food was very good. Took over 140 photos and I am now relaxing in comfort in Lima before flying back to Santiago this afternoon.

Looking forward to:
1. Going to Mendoza for a giant steak and good bottle of red.
2. Hooking up with Kate and Matt from the UK in Buenos Aires.
3. Going to the Boca v Arsenal match on the 30th.
4. Possibly going to the BUE music festival on the 29th.

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Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:22 am MST by オンラӝ


Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:21 am MST by オンラӝ

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