Cusco & the build up to Macchu Picchu 

Cusco & the build up to Macchu Picchu

Cusco has been lovely for the past few days. Much, much warmer than Lake Titicaca, hot in fact, and not too cold in the evening. Have been buying kit and provisions for the Macchu Picchu 4 day expedition. The start has been delayed by 1 day and is due to start tomorrow (Wednesday 12th May) due to problems securing the entry permits (there is a daily restriction set by the Peruvian government limiting the number of people who they will charge the fifty dollars entrance fee!).
Mel is still not feeling 100% and at this moment in time it is most likely I will be doing the Inca Trail without her. She is currenlty investigating getting the train all the way to Aguas Clientes and meeting me at Macchu Picchu, but will stay in Cusco for the 3 days I am camping in the highlands and maybe do a tour of the Sacred Valley.
Have almost everything ready, just need to buy more energy drinks and choccy snacks and pack up. I??m being picked up at 07:30am tomorrow for the first day which is low gradient, 4 hours over 8-9km. The second day is the hardest gradient wise, the 3rd is the longest but downhill and is when the reaally interesting stuff appears, and the 4th day is relatively easy and consists of the grand finale of reaching Macchu Picchu itself.

Wish me luck. Next blog when I return...

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Sun Jul 18, 2004 2:28 pm MST by online casinos

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