Lake Titti Waste of Time 

Lake Titti Waste of Time

Just left Lake Titicaca after having a pretty crappy time. Arrived late (dont ask!) from La Paz, totally knackered. Next day, found out we couldnt get the train as hoped (wrong day of the week) to Cusco and instead had to opt for the only 1 bus departure time which involved travelling overnight. The sun shone during the day but it was deathy cold at night and Mel has been ill since yesterday lunchtime. Missed out on Isla Del Sol and Islas Flotantes the two main reason for visiting this area - may as well have just got a flight from La Paz straight to Cusco. Had to pay 50 Bolivanos at the border as the immigration offical at La Paz airport two weeks ago, decided to only give me 8 days visa instead of the normal 30 days - thanks!
All in all Bolivia was great once you get used to the altitude but Lake Titicaca was a wash-out for us. I'm now killing time in Puno (Peru) before catching our connecting bus to Cusco which arrives at a cheerful 5am.
At least Liverpool spanked Birmingham city 0-3 which is about the only good thing that has happend in the last 3 days.

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