Rotorua, Waitomo and off... 

Rotorua, Waitomo and off...

Rotorua was not quite as nice a place as Taupo, it has more
geothermal hot springs and mad stuff like that, but boy dos it stink!!! The sulphur rotten eggs smell is even noticeable in the town. The funnest thiwas going on the Zorb which is a giant beach ball that you get harnessed into before they roll it down a large hill - great fun!!!

Before leaving NZ we went Black Water rafting at Waitomo Caves. Who's idea was that!!!! Floating in the dark in an inner tube in the freezing cold! Its a shame we went out on such a bum note as New Zealand has definitely been our favourite country so far.

I was about to write about our first few days in South America but I am now about to get kicked out of the Internet cafe - it'll have to wait until tomorrow...

Buenos Noches...

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