South of the North 

South of the North

Having a great time and weather at Lake Taupo this weekend (much better than last weekend!). Got extremely drunk in Wellington on Thursday after going to the theatre to see a play 'Gargarin Way' but still managed to drive 300km the next day (up to 3800km now) before crashing out knackered. Yesterday and today have been action packed and involved 2 visits to volcanic spa baths, 2 barbecues, a visit to the geo-thermal area 'Craters of the Moon' and last-but-not-least a 47m tandem bungy jump over lake Taupo itself. The water was so clear you could see the bottom, got some great pics but only prints no digital shots.
The scenary is very different here, nowhere near as many mountains but more volcanic/geothermal activity. Its not unusual to be out in the countryside and see steam rising from part of the landscape.
Only a week away from South America now. Mel and I have grown quite attached to our campervan, it will seem weird not having it anymore but it will also be nice to not have to put my shoes on before having a shower...
Lake Taupo is an extremely nice place - might do another bungy jump tomorrow before a late drive over to Rotorua.

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