Very British Weather 

Very British Weather

After what seemed like never-ending good luck with the weather (save for one ealry morning storm that scuppered the ballooning in Alice Springs), we have finally had some bad weather courtesy of the impending New Zealand winter. Rain and cold nights (especially when your sleeping in a van!) have featured a lot in the last few days. Although it's not been all bad. We did have a great day at Franz Josef glacier which included a helicopter trip up to the glacier itself, but that too was affected by strong winds that prevented the planned 'helihike' that would have enabled us to explore the ice caves on the actual glacier (the irony being earlier in the day we had a very unnsuccessful attempt to fly our stunt kite and then there was bugger-all wind!). We are now in Kaikoura and it is pissing down. Fingers crossed it will clear up tomorrow as we are going whale watching. On Easter Sunday we plan to spend the day getting plastered on a wineries tour in the Marlborough region - at least the weather can't bugger that up!

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