Adrenaline Town 

Adrenaline Town

Arrived in Queenstown on Wednesday afternoon in fine weather but knowing that bad wetaher was to follow. So not wanting to miss an opportunity we proceeded straight to the NZone skydiving centre in the middle of town and an hour later we were both plummetting at over 200mph towards the ground from 15,000 ft above the ground in a tandem skydive. Freefall lasted 50-55 seconds during which time we fell 10,000 feet and chutes opened at 5000 feet for a 5-6 minute gentle cruise back to planet earth and a safe landing on two feet.

Words cannot decribe how accelerating to terminal velocity feels, but you can probably get and idea by looking at the expression on my face in the photos here - a heady mixure of terror, excitement and sheer thrill... totally awesome. We enjoyed it so much, we're planning on doing another in Rotorua in the North Island in a couple of weeks time.

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