Kiwi land and Time travel... 

Kiwi land and Time travel...

Arrived in Auckland yesterday and its a tad colder than Oz but very crisp, very green, still quite sunny and currently a whacking 13 hours ahead of the UK (that is until the clocks go forward at home and simultaneously go back here in NZ making the difference 11 hours in a few weeks time) . Met up with Geoff 'Ginga Ninja' Poore from GLG this afternoon for a couple of beers in the Viaduct Harbour area and will hopefully hook up again on the 17th to celebrate St Paddy's day by drinking loads of Guinness.
Off to the Cook Islands for 4 days in Rarotonga and 3 days in Aitutaki tomorrow morning. We take off at 9am on Sunday morning (7th) and arrive at 1:30pm the previous Saturday (6th) due to crossing the international date line. Get back in Auckland on Sunday (14th) having taken off the on the Saturday (13th) and losing a day on the way back. Weird!
We're currently feeling a bit knackered from being non-stop on the move evey 2/3 days since we left Perth in mid February. Looking forward to just relaxing on a desert island and doing very little except maybe a couple of Scuba dives.

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