Aussie High's and Low's 

Aussie High's and Low's

Here's my summary of what I thought was good and bad about Aus over the last month and a bit...

Perth - Proper Aussie city that brimmed with cool places and events.
Rottnest Island - Mountain biking paradise.
The Whitsundays - Gorgeous and peaceful. The gem of the east coast.
SS Yongala Wreck - Awesome historic dive site.
Fast Food - The quality of burgers, pies and kebabs in Oz is excellent, as you would expect from a country that lives for a barbie.

Tour operators - too many of them, overpriced and deliver second rate experience most of the time. Left feeling fleeced a couple of times.
Restaurants - mostly poor even when you spend a decent amount of money the quality just isn't there. The national culture means more effort goes into fast food (see above).
Cook your own food or if you go out, have a burger.

Places I would go to in Australia next time:
Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney

Places I wouldn't visit again if I repeated this trip:
The Red Centre - Overpriced, overrated and full of flies.
Fraser Island - A bit dull really.

New foods tried:
Crocodile (spring roll), Kangaroo (steak) and Emu (sausages).

Favourite Aussie beer:
Carlton Cold

Worst Aussie Drink:
Jack Daniels and Coke on draft (yes!! - on draft!!, Australia is full of Spirit/Mixer combinations available in cans and on draft taps and they all taste sweet,horrid and nothing like the real thing).

Most annoying thing that happens:
Being asked by American tourists which part of Australia I'm from.

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