Life is what happens when you make other plans... 

Life is what happens when you make other plans...

...said John Lennon and many plans were made today during a hot and humid but ultimately relaxed day in Cairns. Last night was fairly quiet, but the next week and a half plans to be quite hectic in the travel,tours and activities department. Our schedule for the next 12 days is this.

Monday 23rd - Bus to Townsville (5hrs) then Ferry to Magnetic Island.
Tuesday 24th - Diving on the SS Yongala wreck rated as the best site on the Barrier Reef and one of the best dive sites in the world!!!
Wednesday 25th - Bus to Airlie Beach (4hrs) then hop aboard the Dreamcatcher (Overnight)
Thursday 26th - All-day sailing/diving around the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays on the Dreamcatcher + overnight
Friday 27th - All-day on the Dreamcatcher then back to Airlie Beach
Saturday 28th - Free day to chill-out on Airlie beach then overnight bus to Hervey Bay (12hrs)
Sunday 29th - Pick up from coach station then boat to Fraser Island (day tour + overnight on island)
Monday 1st - Day on Fraser Island then back to Hervey Bay.
Tuesday 2nd - Day in Hervey Bay then overnight bus (7hrs) to Brisbane
Wednesday 3rd - Arrive in Brisbane and chill-out big time.
Thursday 4th - Explore Brisbane then go out to celebrate our last night in Oz.
Friday 5th - Fly to Auckland, New Zealand.

Click here for a map of Queensland, Australia.

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