Balloon Blow-out 

Balloon Blow-out

Could noy go hot-air ballooning this morning despite getting up at 3:30am. Went out then got driven back at 6am due to bad weather conditions. Got money back no problem just really dissapointed like a lot of other people. There is always NZ for ballooning. Off to Kings Canyon tomorrow then Ayers Rock (Uluru) on Friday. Decided on a tour rather than a self-drive as a lot of firms won't let you drop off at Yulara (Ayers Rock resort) 'cause its too remote. Staying one night at Yulara then off to Cairns on Saturday (21st). Spent today mooching around Alice Springs which isn't the most interesting place in Oz to be honest but was able to buy Mel a nice opal necklace for her birthday (in a couple of weeks).

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