Phil and 11 Angry Men 

Phil and 11 Angry Men

Last nignt we were lucky enought to be able to hook up with Phil Nichol, a stand-up comedian (seen at Komedia Brighton) and friend of Mel's through wild-nights on the town in London. Phil is in a stage-production of 12 Angry Men - the classic 1957 b/w movie starring Henry Fonda as the only juror who has 'reasonable doubt' and won't send a man to the electric chair without talking it over first - he then convinces the other 11 to vote not guily. I superb performance by Phil (as the bigotted Brooklyn mechanic) and the rest of the cast who were all recognisable from various comedy tv programmes (the entire cast bar 1 were comedians). Had a great time at the after-show party and met the cast and crew who were all really nice down-to-earth people. I wish the very best of luck to Phil, the cast and crew as they take this cracking production onto Wellington and Adeliade after this week in Perth. If last night is anything to go by it will sell-out no problem. Thanks to Phil for getting us top tickets - the show was so good I urge everyone to go see it.

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