Beach Boys Rocked...big time! 

Beach Boys Rocked...big time!

Despite their age they still pulled out spotless renditions of all the old faves. The stage/arena right on the beach was excellent and even better once we realised that Ozzy champagne was only one dollar more than a beer.
Mel and I are now staying at the Ocean Beach Backpackers in Cottesloe just up the road from where Sundays gig took place. It is seriously chilled here and not as hot and stuffy as Club Red was in the centre of Perth. Having said that, we made some great friends at Club Red backpackers and will be hooking up with Rich and Lou later to go to the Outdoor cinema in Burlswood (South Perth other side of the Swan River) and gorge ourselves on pizza and beer in the process. Tonights film is Matrix Revolutions.

Planning on taking a day trip to Rottness Island on Saturday and ride around on Mountain bikes. Then on Sunday we've got tickets for an all afternoon beach party in North Freemantle with BBQ and the one and only Mr Norman Jay MBE on the decks - 'av it!

Rant: Can't believe I'm using a bloody apple mac to write this. Fisher Price could make a better computer!

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