Gday Mate! 

Gday Mate!

Arrived in Perth yesterday afternoon and all is well. 5 hour flight but it took a further 3 hours before we got to the hostel - Ozzy customs and immigration is a long winded process to say the least. Perth so far has been really cool - Nice people & great weather. Its quite social were we are at the Club Red Backpackers in West Perth so it is nice to hang out a bit after it being just the 2 of us for weeks in Malaysia. Did a bit of a tour of the local watering holes last night and got quite plastered with a few of the guys who are staying here and will probably go out again tonight. Spent the day by the beach at Scarborough - big waves for surfers and quite high wind - so it wasn't all that pleasant for just chilling out but a nice place to ease the hangover none-the-less. Had a bit of a stroll around Leederville which is the town 10 mins walk down the road - nice shops - might buy a cool t-shirt and stuff even more into my ever-expanding rucksac.

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