Bus to Melaka 

Bus to Melaka

Catching a 2pm bus to Melaka for the bargain price of RM8 each (that's about 1 pound and twenty pence for a two hour bus ride). The weather has been very kind in KL and we have been a bit touristy in shopping and clubbing. Wanted to go and see Lord of The Rings last night but it was sold out which was a bit dissapointing - so I guess we'll see it in Singapore.

Probably going to stay in Melaka for 2/3 days and hopefully get another bus to Singapore (4 hours) on the morning of the 29th (Thursday) then stay 1 night in Singapore (and hopefully catch LOTR3 and have a drink in the Elephant bar) before flying to Perth on Friday lunchtime.

Have been enjoying a bit of luxury for the last week in Langkawi and KL, but now we are going back to basics and staying in a travellers guesthouse... Keeping it (sur)real.

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