Year of the Rat-arsed! 

Year of the Rat-arsed!

Had a nice night last night having a guided tour of KL courtesy of Elissa's cousin Kok Tim Soon who is a top bloke and a superb host. After visiting a temple, China town, a local Indian (for the best Tandoori Chicken I've ever tasted) we ended up at the Mai Thai bar near the KLCC (twin towers). Bumped into Johnny and Alex from our mad night in Singapore who were off on a huge one, and we can hopefully hook up again on our return at the end of the month.
Went to the twin towers again today and had a couple of beers in the shade - it was scorching today (33-34 degrees easily). Have found a very fast internet connection (as KL is quite westernised) so have been able to finally upload 2nd batch of Thailand photos from Full Moon Party onwards (see above).

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