Good Day 

Good Day

I currently bored out of my mind near Surat Thani railway station catching the 01:30 sleeper train to Butterworth (for Penang) Malaysia. Only another 4 hours to go!!! Then we have a 12 hour journey in a sleeper carriage which will, by all accounts, make British Rail transport look like Britain is the 3rd world country! i.e. Trains here are actually quite nice!. May come back into Thailand for a week (If Malaysia turns out to be as crap as most people I've spoken to say it is) but have to leave now as visa has run out.

On the plus side we yesterday did what I would consider to be the best dive I have done yet at the Similian Islands. Deepest so far - 27m!!, saw a really cool wreck, turtles, tonnes of fish but still looking for my first shark. Went out last night and ate a huge lobster and got drunk listening to a funny Thai rock n roll cover band.

Looking forward to a change of scenary now and a different environment for a few days, new frontiers await...

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