Bad Day 

Bad Day

Realised at lunchtime today that the SLR along with Mel's Minidisc player have gone walkies from our room. Popped out last night for five minutes and came back and found the door ajar. Cursed myself thinking I had left it open, but then realised the chances of me doing that are very slim. The locks are so easy to pick and we are close to the road, ideal for a thief. Spent an unpleasant half hour in a Police station getting a form (in Thai of course!) for insurance purposes, fortunately with the help of a translator from the resort. Was shitting myself that the senior police office who interviewed us would look at the visa stamp which runs out today. On the plus side we are Scuba Diving tomorrow at the Similan Islands which is a chance to get at least one good memory from this place. I feel like I am now going to go through a period of over-vigilance, this is the classic 'Traveller's Dilemma' - Do you leave your stuff in your room and chance it gets knicked by thieves breaking in? Do you carry your stuff with you and risk losing it or getting mugged?, or do you pay for a safety deposit box (if you can find one) and put your trust in some hotel/resort/hostel manager? All the options have risk. What would you do?

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