Khao sLak 

Khao sLak

Arrived in Khao Lak yesterday via an overnight in Samui (and an average night-out in Chaweng - truely the armpit of the island, I pity the poor fools who actually stay there, its like Phuket without the kitsch). It seems a differentr world here from Koh Tao and PhanGan, we are back in touristville people - fat Germans in speedos with even fatter wives in G-strings - please!!!!!!
But its not all bad its actually quite a nice place. We have a good room, its not too much more expensive and we have found a good bar that has live music. The main motiviation, of course, is our dive on the Similian islands that will probably happend on Wednesday. Have checked out one place that looks good and will check out another after this. Being a more touristy spot there is seafood everywhere which is a great plus. Probably going to order a lobster in advance for after the dive on Wednesday - nice. Tonight will just have to gorge myself on King Prawns instead - hard life eh?

Booked the Train from Surat Thani to Butterworth. Leave 01:30 Friday am, so will leave Khao Lak Thrusday evening. Arrive Butterworth midday on Friday.

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