Having-It Rin 

Having-It Rin

Well, its Boxing Day today and have had a few days celebrating chrimble Thai style. That is, a big night out in Haad Rin with the usual bucket/shake/chang combinations and some cool hours spent at the Mellow Mountain bar overlooking the bay. Had a bit of a dance at the Vinyl club and got back around 4:30-5ish in the morning. Mel and I had a throughly top night with Steve and Gareth and Francesca. (Photos to follow)
Yesterday started slowly with a bit of a hangover bit lunch in town followed by a couple of bottles of wine of the beach whilst watching the christmas sunset followed by a roast chicken dinner in Thong Sala made for a nice christmas away from England. A drink later at the Spunky Monkey bar just down the beach from us (with Chris from Blackburn) proved fruitful and some Thai weed was procured that finally nailed my coffin shut for the night...

Today has also been a chilled one. Went round the the west side of the island and went to the infamous Bounty Bungalows from last years KPG experience. Saw Naan there from last year who recognised us and came over and had a chat and gave us a free drink which was nice. We are even featured in the pictures on the wall along with all the other faces from last year. Might go and stay at the Seascene next door again as there will hopefully be a more chilled English crowd there. Our place is starting to fill up with Israeli's, which is not a bad thing per se (the love of my life is one after all!), its just they are usually a bit aloof and keep themeselves to themselves. Might move round the day after tomorrow to the west side. It also feels like to will be quieter in the evening, were we are now, you can hear a few sound-systems in hte distance and there are a lot of stray dogs barking which is annoying when you want to get your head down for a good kip.

Going to go watch the sunset and then veg in front of the TV for today's Boxing Day Premiership Football line-up...

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