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Last day at work!!!! magrpe 07/10/2003
Birthday's a coming magrpe 07/03/2003
and this Friday too... magrpe 07/03/2003
Mash'ed this Friday magrpe 06/25/2003
Spangled last friday magrpe 06/25/2003
Wanderlust magrpe 06/19/2003
Come on In-ger-lund! magrpe 06/11/2003
Sanchez rocked! magrpe 06/09/2003
This week magrpe 06/05/2003
Shameless Self Promotion magrpe 05/29/2003
Can't get tickets for Groove Armada on Clapham Common magrpe 05/29/2003
Now I read the bit about embedding links... magrpe 05/29/2003
First real entry then... magrpe 05/29/2003
What am I going to use this blog for? magrpe 05/29/2003
Pete's first blog magrpe 05/29/2003

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