Salvador and the quest for football 

Salvador and the quest for football

Just arrived in Salvador last night after flying via Sao Paulo and its raining - bugger! a lot! Still have a bit of a head cold which is making me feel a bit shitty, but looking forward to tonight as Tuesday night is party night here apparently. Hope the rain stops otherwise the Candle ceremony with the dancing and drumming is going is be a bit of a wash out.
After getting used to speaking abit of Spanish for the last month and a half I am now back to square one of knowing bugger all of the local language. A "pork and cheese" phrasebook has been purchased although I keep lapsing back into Spanish which doesnt go down too well with some Brazilians as they would rather speak English to non Portuguese speakers.
Have got find somewhere that will show Englands Euro 2004 opener against France next Sunday. Kick off is 3.30pm local time I think, and the hunt for sateille TV is on...

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Sat Jul 3, 2004 7:20 am MST by casino tips

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